Tooling Fabrication

With many years of experience in tooling processing, combined with advanced intelligent manufacturing system, LJV Tooling Fabrication Center specializing in tooling designing, manufacturing and testing, provides tooling processing services for die-casting, stamping, injection molding departments. Our in-house Tooling Fabrication Center significantly reduces  the time of product development and sample preparation, creating values for customers.

  • Milling Machine

  • Grinding Machine

  • Wire Cutting Machine

  • CNC

  • EDM

Testing Instrument

Coordinate Measuring Machine; Projecting Apparatus; Height Gauge;
Hardness Tester; Altimeter; Laser Marking Machine

Tooling Fabrication Intelligent Manufacturing

LJV Tooling Fabrication Center introduced DOJET intelligent manufacturing system to connect the workshop system data with machines, included 5 units:
IMS (Information Management System)
CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)
CNC (Computer Numerical Control)
EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining)
CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machining)
Intelligent manufacturing helps decrease cost and improve efficiency while also providing customers with products  in higher quality and better service.

Consistent Quality